Mircea Velicescu
        Technology Innovation Center Head - Timisoara

        Mircea Velicescu heads the Ness Timisoara Technology Innovation Center. With two decades of experience in technical management and development, Mircea is a leader known for building high performance teams and delivering results that garner clients’ trust and further opportunities to support their business needs. Mircea is adept at delivering large and complex software systems, including sophisticated anti-fraud solutions for financial services and running large, multi-phased customer projects. At the Timisoara center, Mircea has been instrumental in nurturing a culture of innovation that has further reinforced Ness’s credibility in areas such as Big Data, Machine Learning, Automotive, and the Internet of Things.

        Before coming to Ness Digital Engineering, Mircea led development management for a startup in the financial anti-fraud industry, working for major credit card processors and banks in Germany. In his role as VP of Engineering at ACI, Mircea led R&D for its Secure Portfolio for the financial industry and served over 150 banks and financial institutions in 43 countries, while managing a team spread across four continents. He was also responsible for building ACI’s Romanian development center from the ground up, and he has helped Ness significantly expand its Timisoara location since it was established in January 2016.

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