Ness works in close collaboration with its clients to create more engaging customer and employee experiences, enhance business insight, and improve operational productivity. We find and exploit opportunities to unleash business value by re-imagining business processes, pursuing data to inform decisions, and delivering memorable experiences using digital platforms.

We start any new program by aligning with our client on the desired business outcomes. We do not operate in silos defined by specific technologies or industries that can limit the insights we offer our clients. Instead, our teams frequently include experience designers, full-stack engineers, and data experts from around the world who have worked across multiple technologies and industries and can bring the best ideas to develop the right solutions for our customers. We think about ways to integrate the entire system with maximum efficiency and flexibility – front-end, middleware, back-end, partner APIs, and the entire ecosystem - so that the whole functions more powerfully than the sum of the parts. And, we’re recognized experts at Agile development and for engineering high-performance platforms at scale, including development of roadmaps that increase platform value over time.

We invest in understanding, learning and training for next-generation technologies to inspire inventive thinking, reduce legacy dependence, and give our clients the tools to disrupt their markets for  competitive advantage. 

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Ness Connected Labs

Ness Connected Labs experiments, ideates, collaborates, and prototypes to understand customer needs and propose new opportunities to create business value. We promote ideas we believe deliver real business value, study human behavior, and research the market. We play with technology to envision a solution, and then we validate the solution with feedback, iterate, improve, and evolve.

Ness Connected delivery framework

Using our transformational digital engineering framework, Ness Connected, our integrated teams of experience designers, full-stack engineers, and data experts from around the world help Ness’s clients discover, envision, build, sustain and continually evolve their digital solutions to unleash business value. Ness Connected ensures we have the right team in place aligned with the client’s business to deliver compelling digital products and services to market faster with less risk.

Agile & DevOps development processes

Ness was a very early promoter of Agile and DevOps methods because we know flexibility and speed are crucial for our clients in the Digital Economy. We believe these methods are best institutionalized for our clients through real-world execution versus standalone coaching, and the vast majority of our work in done using these methods in close collaboration with client teams. Through Agile development of minimum viable products (MVPs), we help our clients test new ideas in the market and continually adapt to changing business conditions— giving them the leverage to lead market disruption and compete more effectively to grow their business.

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